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Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural Fabrication is the skeleton of any proect we do. Modular assemblies, support structures, lifting assemblies, and major frame work all are made up of Structural Steel that has been fabricated. Our experience with AWS D1.1, and Non-mongram API Q1 practices have afforded us the ability to be amongst the elite fabricators in the Gulf Coast. During our 40+ years of Industry Service, theres not much in the Structural space we haven't seen.

  • Plate Steel Fabrication
  • Skid(ded) Packages
  • Modular Skids
  • Offshore Structures
  • Land Derricks (NM)
  • Land Substructures (NM)
  • Process Equipment Skids
  • Draw Works Frames
  • Drilling Rig "Backyard Equipment"
  • Turbine Skids
  • Modular Houses
  • Production Modules
  • Lifting Frames
  • to name a few...

"Our team has built very large complex assemblies that pin together with the tightest of tolerances. We've also built large structural components that have high demand in very dangerous conditions where accuracy is essential to the asset, and safety of all personnel."

Luke Owens, General Manager

Our Strengths

We have served the Texas Gulf Coast, and surrounding areas, for over forty (40) years. In our tenure as a manufacturing company, we've learned the structural business inside and out. We've learned how things were done, how things are being done, and how things should be done. Keeping up with the industry methods and technologies are what helps us grow.

Our shop is equipped with the most modern state of the art welding equipment on the market, enabling us to provide very competitive pricing for our customers. We accomodate all of the commonly accepted, and used, welding processes are all used in our facilities for various application, diversity and fabrication efficiency.

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding ("GMAW" / "MIG")
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ("GTAW")
  • Sheilded Metal Arc Welding ("SMAW")
  • Flux Core Arc Welding ("FCAW")
  • Submerged Arc Welding ("SAW")

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Our expert team strives to meet, or exceed, our customer's expectations. Based in Houston, Texas we are located perfectly to serve your Gulf Coast needs.

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