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Steel Processing (Raw)

Steel Processing (Raw)

Every project built with steel requires procesing before the weldments are created. At Owens we offer Steel processing services to utilize our experience, and tooling, to assist the market with reliable and accurate services. During our tenure as manufacturing professionals, we have learned exactly what tolerances perform the best in pre-processing. Our expert craftsman understand your needs, and the desired outcome, and offer raw steel processing as a service. Plasma cutting, 5-Axis beveling, machining, material forming — we can do it.

"Over the years we have been very fortunate to achieve the in-house abilities that we have. We understand that manufacturing facilities don't always have the option to start their business with the equipment that we have acquired. No problem — we can help."

Luke Owens, General Manager

Our Strengths

Owens tooling capabilities are extensive in we have made a commitment to self-perform all processes along the way. This commitment, coupled with years of expereince, has yielded us the ability to offer services exclusively supporting raw material handling, and processing. Please see our Equipment List for a detailed look into our equipment; but reference below for a breif overview.

  • Flat Plate Cutting & Beveling (CNC)
  • Press Brake Forming
  • Iron Worker Tool Sets

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Our expert team strives to meet, or exceed, our customer's expectations. Based in Houston, Texas we are located perfectly to serve your Gulf Coast needs.

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