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Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)

Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)

The executive leadership team, management and employees at OWENS SPECIALTY COMPANY, INC. ("OWENS") are committed to being an industry leader in Health, Safety and Environmental practices, to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and to protect the environment. We believe excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental practices is vital to the well being of all people everywhere and essential to all aspects of our business.

"Safety doesn't happen by accident."

Brandt Owens, Quality Manager

Environmental, health and safety targets and objectives will be set by senior management, communicated to employees, measured and tracked on a regular basis, and revised as needed to reflect current conditions. In order to facilitate this, OWENS will provide appropriate training and resources for employees to use responsible environmental, health and safety practices.

Our benchmark is to comply with applicable client, environmental, health and safety laws, directives, regulations and other requirements as a baseline for doing business, not as a goal. We believe compliance is owned by all employees, and will monitor such compliance through regular self-assessments and audits of our operations, take corrective actions as warranted, and include compliance sustainability as a routine part of operations.

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