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We understand there are sometimes questions about what we do, how we do it, or when we can do it. Were here to help, and we've created a portion of our website to allow our most commonly asked questions to have easy access to those answers. Are there still unanswered questions? No problem, contact us!

Owens Specialty is a third-generation manufacturing business. We have been in business for over 40 years. Whats so special about this to us is simple — we have weathered the storms of recession, code changes, and ever so increasing industry regulations. We are still locally owned, and operated, by the original founders in varying capacities. This is an impressive thing to be able to say. Our founder loves the manufacturing business and wouldn't do anything different if given the oppurtunity. Well, except for maybe professionally build race cars.
Many of our employees, both office and craft, are season veterans in their respective field of expertise. Some of our top management has actually risen through the ranks of the company from in-shop crafts.
This question is common, and very difficult to accurately answer. Each customer reaches the goal of project completion as expected, however the means of arrival are vastly different in each case. A projects success measured by reaching a target goal can be looked at simply. We do our best to assist our clients in reaching their desired goal of a quality manufactured asset.
At the present time, we average 90% On-time delivery — which is great! Each project will expereince different potential delays (i.e. Material availability, raw material rejection, un-realized schedule, weather and other natural issues, and so on.) We do our best to consult internally to reduce, or eliminate, any foreseable delays due to well executed planning.
We specialize in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas sectors. This covers a broad range of course. Contact us directly to see if your project fits into our capabilities.
Obviously, we cannot "guarantee" any portion of a project above specification compliance. We utilize our Experience, and Quality Management System to best predict the outcome of a project. There are many variables that contribute to a projects overall success and schedule — starting as early as the concept. We would be glad to discuss your project, and any potential areas where there may be forseen issues.

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