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Our Credentials

Our Credentials

Owens Specialty Company ("OWENS") feels that preserving the very foundations of quality is what keeps our customers projects running smoothly for years, maximizing their investment. To showcase, and verify, our commitment to quality, we maintain many certifications that are known in the industry.

OWENS has ASME’s “U” and “R” stamps, and ISO9001:2015 demonstrating our dedication to outstanding industrial fabrication services. We are fully committed to high-quality service and safety for each of our clients by maintaining our ASME, ISO and NBIC accredidations.

ASME Sec VIII, Div 1 "U" Stamp December 7, 2021 43,555
ASME Sec VIII, Div 1 "R" Stamp December 7, 2021 R-8926
ASME National Board "NB" - -
ASME B31.3 "PP" In Process -
ISO 9001:2023 August 27, 2026 R-79901

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Our expert team strives to meet, or exceed, our customer's expectations. Based in Houston, Texas we are located perfectly to serve your Gulf Coast needs.

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